• "My girlfriend doesn't want to swallow. Is there anything you can suggest to encourage her?"


    I’m told that the feeling of a woman swallowing while performing oral on a man is fantastic but my long term girl friend doesn’t like the whole concept. Is there anything you can suggest to encourage her?


    Some guys say the girl not swallowing is like watching the footy without a beer but for most, the turn on is in watching it happen than the actual feeling. Most men are so happy to have their penis in a nice warm mouth, her not swallowing at the crucial moment is a small part of the process. So long as she doesn’t abandon you completely as you’re about to climax (continuing to use her hand), most guys are pretty happy.

    But if you really, really want her to swallow and she really, really doesn’t want to, an alternative is for her to simply hold the semen in her mouth as you ejaculate, spitting it into a handy tissue (or down the sink) afterwards. Another ‘naughty’ alternative, if she doesn’t fancy doing that either, is for her to let you ejaculate over her body instead (It’s got the same ‘naughty’ element). You could also try finishing off by thrusting between her breasts.

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