• "My boyfriend wants to come on my face. Does that make me a sex object?"


    I have been seeing a bloke for a couple of months now and from the second date he has been quite pushy for sex. I slept with him on date four, as it felt right to. He was very good at oral sex and said he was enjoying it, we tried quite a few positions and both had a good time (even though I didn't orgasm!).

    As he was about to come, he withdrew and asked if he could ejaculate on my face. I said yes and he jumped up on the bed, took the condom off, stood over me and did it. His manner slightly surprised me, no one has ever done that to me before. He said he found it fun! I have had mixed response from friends, some say its degrading, others think it’s fine.

    I am not too bothered, just didn’t see it coming! I wonder why he didn’t want to come inside me and whether he just views me as a sex object. (I was wearing a corset and stockings etc). What is your perspective on this?


    Wow! There are a lot of mixed signals in there so my response is layered also. You’re obviously quite adventurous sexually to have pulled on stockings and a corset for the first sex session with your new man. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just interesting that you went for that look for the very first time you did it. Most of us pull on sexy underwear but a corset, stockings (and I’m guessing suspenders) first time around, sends a very clear message that you’re up for sex that pushes the boundaries. This is perhaps why he felt safe enough to suggest ejaculating on your face. This is NOT to say that you’ve done anything wrong or behaved in a ‘slutty’ fashion (I don’t even believe in the word). I actually applaud your gutsiness and embracing of the whole thing. I’m just trying to make sense of why he’d suggest doing that the very first time you have sex.

    ‘Pearl necklaces’ – ejaculating so his semen forms a ‘necklace’ around your neck – or ejaculating elsewhere on the body or face is something lots of couples try. It’s a bit naughty because it is degrading and that’s all part of the turn on. I don’t see anything wrong with doing it now and then at all. What I do find interesting – at the risk of repeating a point – is that he choose to do it the first time you had sex and you let him. By doing this, you set a precedent: sex between the two of you is going to be ‘naughty’. Again, nothing wrong with it, except perhaps that it’s lacking any type of tenderness.

    The first time between people who care about each other is about intimacy and connection and trust and – dare I say –fanning the flames of the first flickers of love. It’s a special moment. There seems to have been lots of lust but little of the love part in this encounter. I don’t know if that bothers you or not. I guess it depends on what you want long term.

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    • David: August 10, 2011 19:17
      Hi ... got to say i agree with you when you say it sets a precedence on adventurous sex ! and also i admire the lady for dressing and expressing her seuxual side.
      As for him wanting to come over her face i think he was just being adventurous back .. as he was not dressed sexy and probably not expecting such a wonderful sight! sometimes its good to just pull out and shoot over your lover especially as the feeling of cumming with out a condom is so much better and he maybe thought the sight of him pumping out would turn the lady on, i know my lady likes to watch me cum as it turns her on !!
      Regards David
    • Sam: August 25, 2011 11:30
      My new boyfriend (my first one after being with a woman for 9 years) loves this. The first time he did it was during our first weekend together, he was hesitant I could tell, when he asked & he felt a little uncomfortable after. I got the feeling he felt a little guilty & perhaps like it's something that would make any woman feel degraded & that's why he guilty... I for one loved it. There are times though when I do feel a little... very little... like a sex object. Which usually isn't a problem, as long as I get a healthy dose of both the really dirty & kinky stuff as well as the occasional love making session... then I'm quite happy with it :)

      But I still find it cute that he gets a little embarrassed after & runs to get me a towel & sometimes even comes & sits next to me & wipes my face clean himself :) That's when I can tell that I'm not just his sex object.

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