• "Does watching porn cause premature ejaculation?"


    Does watching porn cause premature ejaculation? I’ve heard that’s what causes it. I’ve also heard it’s because guys masturbate really quickly when they’re growing up because they’re scared of being caught.


    Porn doesn’t cause premature ejaculation (PE) though it can make things worse. And neither does masturbating quickly as a teenager. In caveman days, the quicker the sex, the less likely you were to be killed by wild animals, who were always lurking about, ready to eat you the second you were off-guard. So PE could have an evolutionary function. It was a plus back then - and it’s a plus as a teen. You quicker you orgasm, the less likely you are to be disturbed by your nosy sister banging on the bathroom door.

    It made sense for researchers into PE to assume that ‘training’ your penis to ejaculate quickly as a teenager, sets you up for a lifetime of bad habits. But it seems while this certainly doesn’t help, it doesn’t appear to be a cause. Most teens follow the same pattern with masturbation but not all end up with PE.

    Going back to porn, the general consensus is while it’s not a cause, it just doesn’t help the situation. Men are visual creatures – they’re turned on by what they see. (Words work on women, which is why they’re more inclined towards written erotica.) Once you add porn into a solo sex session, which most men do, you up your chances of ejaculating quickly. Which is sort of the point for lots of men who use these sessions as a release, rather than a turn on. It can have a rather nasty backlash though: if you’re worried you have PE and are avoiding sex with a real-life partner for fear of not lasting long enough, replacing it with porn solo sex sessions that last a total of ten seconds isn’t exactly going to boost your confidence.

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