• Sex Advice: 7 steps to giving him great oral

    Sex Advice: 7 Steps To Giving Him Great Oral

    1. You need access to his testicles, anus and perineum as well as to be able to grasp the base of the penis and slide the other hand up and over. In other words, you need room.

    Also make sure you’re not at an angle where your hand’s going to end up in a weird position and get twisted or cramped...

    2. It’s all about height. Use stairs, pillows or pieces of furniture to align his bits with your mouth.

    3. Use your hand as well as your mouth. It avoids that dreadfully embarrassing bobbing-for-apples moment when you first put him in your mouth. Slide your hand up and down with your mouth following in hot pursuit.

    4. Create good suction but don’t suck. (I know, schoolgirl error, but just in case you’ve been locked in a nunnery for the past ten years.)

    5. Relax the muscles in your jaw and neck and push your lips out rather than pull them in to cover your teeth.

    6. Start slow and gentle, work up to fast and firm and keep a consistent rhythm.

    7. Concentrate stimulation on the head of the penis, the most sensitive part, but do take all of him in your mouth now and then for porn appeal.

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    Comments (12)

    • raphy: August 13, 2013 12:44
      Luv ur work
    • Matt: April 18, 2014 15:15
      Great stuff, especially the porn-star comment!

      For a really great blow-job it's all about balancing the stimulation (on the head) and giving a great show to excite the mind!

    • Gav: October 23, 2014 11:43
      Great advice. My girl holds the shaft and uses a twisting motion while sucking - it blows my mind!
    • Tim: July 06, 2015 13:53
      I have been married for 16 years and sadly oral sex is not on the menu and hasn't been for well over a decade now. I am mad keen for it and desire it so badly. But it's not something you can force your wife into doing.
    • dave: July 14, 2015 23:48
      Ive been with my partner for a few years now, sex was great at the start. BJ are not on the menu either, i stimulate her make her orgasm but when it's my turn "she is tired"
    • Tim: July 16, 2015 11:20
      It's heartbreaking hey Dave? We were pretty much the same. In the early days thing were great. We were so much in love and the lust and passion was flowing. She was even quite romantic. Once those baby making genes kicked in on her it was all about reproduction and the fun was completely taken out of it. It was merely a task to be done. God I hope post menopause she finds a sex drive again or even just some interest in sex would be a good starting point?
    • dave: July 16, 2015 21:49
      not ideal tim, guess the subject to society is still taboo. i know some women are happy to discuss about it. in yet some find it rude like it's a crime? guess sex drives to go up & down?
    • Lynn: August 10, 2015 14:47
      There's still hope, guys. I'm a married mom and for a while there, BJs were off the menu (not really sure why, just happened), but now I'm 42 and we are done having kids and all of a sudden I surprised my hubby with one the other night! So, while it might not come back I the rotation as frequently as it did back in our college days, I can see more BJs in my future. Maybe your wife will feel like bringing them back some time, too.
    • dave: August 11, 2015 00:13
      good on you lynn, it's nice to see your passion for them. I'm sure he liked the surprise, guess you can enjoy them more to
    • June: December 04, 2015 23:10
      After some years a widow I met a dirty old man who has blown my mind...he is greedy though, wants sex morning noon and night until we are both exhausted! He expects plenty of BJs and I like giving - btw, I'm 61 and he's 72. Never give up!!

    • Dee: September 05, 2017 10:23
      I love giving my partner oral though he never reciprocates. I have spent years learning best techniques and have found that although this is the main part of a blow job the best bits ate before that. Where lick from Base to tip like eating an ice cream. Gentle kisses using tongue around the tip and undervthe foreskin. I usually spend a bit of time doing this whole occasionally taking deep into mouth. Before really getting into the actual blow job.
    • Paul Hunter: November 02, 2017 12:19
      Gay guys give the best blowjobs in my opinion. I'm straight but I've had a really good gay guy as my cocksucker for the last five years with quite a few other gay guys (some married!) as occasional cocksuckers - it's fun and very satisfying. Never done it myself though.
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