• Sex Advice: Top 10 sex positions

    Ready to shake up your sex life? From romantic to raunchy, comfortable to challenging, a new sex position is a great way to have a healthier, happier sex life with minimum effort on your part.

    1. Comfy Sex

    Face-to-face, intense eye contact, snuggled in each other’s arms... this is more like an erotic cuddle than full-blown sex.

    Being side by side is a fantastic way to introduce a reluctant lover to spiritual sex and this position is dead easy to master.

    Comfy Sex Sex Position IdeaStart in the good old missionary position - him on top - then once he’s penetrated, roll onto your sides, wrapping your arms around each other for support, his thigh straddling her hip.

    Don’t attempt conventional thrusting here - instead, squeeze those pelvic floor muscles and enjoy more subtle thrusting movements. Her thighs are together, which makes her feel tantalisingly tight. And when you’re done with this soulful stuff, this position is perfect for talking dirty face-to-face.

    Top Tip

    This position is great for clitoral contact. To further enhance sensations try crossing your legs over so your bottom knee is at the top. This will not only make you feel tighter to him, it will also improve stimulation to the labia and the clitoris.

    2. Cocoon

    Simply hug, breathing in unison and appreciating each other. This is a gentle “let’s connect on a spiritual level” position, but you can hot things up through sexy snogs. Stay in the moment though, for a few minutes at least before cranking it up a notch.

    Cocoon Sex Position IdeaHe kneels, she climbs on top, continuing to cuddle. He’s now inside her, but there’s no thrusting just yet! This is all about merging as one, so you both feel “cocooned” in your love for each other. Soppy, yes, but come on - there’s penetration involved, so it’s not that soppy!

    OK, now get into the real action... She leans back and hangs on his neck for support as he begins moving her back and forth to create some much-longed-for friction. Move in close again if you fancy continuing the snogging (and who doesn’t).

    Top Tip

    In this position she’ll want to grind into him and he’ll be longing for something a little friskier. By increasing feeling for him you’ll get to enjoy that slow and sensual grinding for longer.

    Slip on the Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring to enhance physical sensations for both of you.

    3. Chill-out Session

    Too tired, too drunk, or too full up to have sex? Now you have no excuses! This position is invented just for those occasions.

    Chill Out Session Sex Position IdeaHe leans back against some sturdy but comfy furniture, she lies in front of him, lifting her legs to rest on his shoulders and he then penetrates her.

    It’s sexy because you both have a great view of each other’s bods and penetration is deep and intensely satisfying.

    He hold her hips and moves them in time with his own. If he really, really wants to get her attention, he can reach down and play with her clitoris or anus as well.

    Top Tip

    This is the perfect position for manual clitoral stimulation.

    She can take control with the Supersex Bullet Vibrator or allow her partner to slip it between her legs as he rhythmically grinds into her.

    4. Wanton Wiggle

    This works on a (very stable) chair (minus arms) or on a step - all you need is for him to be able to sit down in the usual way, with her on his lap and your feet flat on the floor. She then lifts herself up and down to rock on his penis.

    Wanton Wiggle Sex Position IdeaThere are obvious advantages to this: first, it can naturally morph from what began as an affectionate moment.

    Secondly, it’s ridiculously easy for her or him to reach down or around to stimulate her clitoris. Meanwhile, she makes like a lapdancer, adding in many a wanton wiggles.

    Top Tip

    This is a great position for breast play. Add a good dose of silicone lube or massage oil to his hands and he can massage her.

    If he enjoys having his testicles played with during penetration he can slightly spread his legs, allowing her to reach down between his legs to return the erotic massage.

    5. In Her Hands

    You’d be hard pressed to find a reputable sex expert who won’t advise you to add clitoral stimulation to any and all intercourse positions.

    In her Hands Sex Position IdeaBut who does the best job - him or her? She usually wins the prize, simply because most couples opt for stroking, which is hard for him to keep gentle and consistent while he’s thrusting. His hand often gets knocked off target without him realising - she can feel it it’s all gone AWOL.

    Try making a V shape with the first two fingers of one hand and place them around the vagina so the penis slide in between. This stimulates the clitoris, inner labia, and urethra - as well as adding intensity for him.

    Top Tip

    Add lashings of Supersex Love Lubricant to improve slippery sensations for both of you.

    6. Look, No Hands!

    The best way to up her orgasms during intercourse is to have a threesome - with her vibrator.

    Look No Hands Sex PositionThis is a great position for him to stimulate her, or opt for a “no hands” couple-friendly alternative.

    My favourite is a new invention called a We-Vibe. It’s small, C-shaped, and worn by her. Turn it on, insert one end up to the bend, and it opens to an L shape. The clitoral pad sits against the labia and clitoris, the other end works on the G-spot. It flattens out so he can’t feel it during sex but he will still feel a pleasant little buzz.

    Top Tip

    Opt for a longer vibrator to give him maximum leverage and assure that his thrust isn’t compromised by the need for longer arms.

    The Supersex Pleasure Wand Vibrator may be designed for penetration but it’s just as adept for clitoral stimulation when coupled with the feeling of his length inside her.

    7. The Plunge

    Him on top nearly always makes a couple’s top three positions because it’s so versatile. Him kneeling instead of lying offers more range of movement, bit it’s the position of her legs that’s vital for how this feels.

    The Plunge Sex Position IdeaFor deep penetration, she should put her legs on his shoulders - the higher and further back, the deeper his penis plunged.

    Spread her legs wide and make sure he’s fully pressed against her pubic bone and lower abdomen for a magic tugging sensation on the clitoris. Keep her legs straight and together with his outside hers, for a tighter fit for him, while he friends satisfyingly against her mons and clitoris.

    Most him-on-top positions are improved by putting a pillow under her hips or bottom and he’s better off using a rocking/grinding motion, unless, of course, he’s been a very, very good boy and it’s his turn to let loose in a good old-fashioned, go-for-it pounding!

    Top Tip

    Increase clitoral contact with the Supersex Silicone Love Ring to enhance her pleasure and help him prolong his pleasure.

    8. Privates Dancer

    In a beautifully choreographed lusty leg lift, she performs an erotic dance for his penis.

    Privates Dancer Sex Position IdeaShe lies face up and brings her keens up to her chin. He kneels in front and penetrates, she then straightens her legs and rests them on one shoulder, pulling one leg back so it’s bent. She holds on to the back of his thighs and he grips her for balance then she “dances”: alternating her leg position frequently throughout.

    Her vagina is shortened, so it’s tight for for him. As she alternates the position of her legs, this massages his penis with a unique rolling sensation. He looks manly, and has a great view of her breasts.

    Top Tip

    Enhance the tight feeling of her vagina even further by slipping in the petite Supersex Beginner's Butt Plug or set of Supersex Silicone Anal Beads.

    The added stimulation will drive you both wild!

    9. Crossed Lovers

    She lies back and raises her legs straight in the air, and crosses one over the other. He penetrates and leans backwards on his hands to support his weight.

    Crossed Lovers Sex Position IdeaThis is known as a “packed” position, which means her thighs are raised and placed on top of the other.

    It’s purported to be the most intense way a woman can grip her partner’s penis with her vagina, which is why it’s on your must-do list. If she contracts her vaginal muscles at the same time, his penis feels a surprisingly fierce and sexy squeeze.

    Top Tip

    Improve your grip by practicing your kegel exercises frequently.

    Better toned pelvic floor muscles really enhance the orgasmic sensations this position brings so try using the Supersex Toner Balls every day and see if you can feel the difference.

    10. The Rock’n’Roller

    Switch to the CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) and you’ll double her chances of climaxing - and slow him down by about the same rate. A winning combination! It’s slightly harder work than the “pumping” style of thrusting and takes practice, but give it a try...

    Rock N Roller Sex Position IdeaHe’s on top of her but riding high, his body moved up towards her head, and he’s close rather than holding himself up on his arms. The pelvises are close, so the base of his penis rubs against her clitoris and stays there as they move together. Picture an even-paced rocking-chair movement: she leads in the upwards stroke, pushing up and forwards to force his pelvis backwards. He forces her pelvis backwards and downwards. It’s pressure and counter-pressure, not thrusting, with deep, not shallow, penetration.

    Yes, it’s complicated. You have to think very much “outside the square” to stop doing something that’s become second nature after years, so while some devotees don’t have intercourse any other way after mastering it, most couples (sensibly, I think) only use it when they’re feeling particularly energised and motivated.

    Top Tip

    Intensify the experience with a little bedroom bondage courtesy of the Supersex Soft Bondage Kit. Tying her down will enhance the feeling of being pushed into and leave her feeling utterly at the mercy of his pleasure.

    Master over 100 new sex positions

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