• Hot Topic: The 10-day hot sex challenge

    Hot Topic: The 10-Day Hot Sex Challenge

    It’s four days to Valentine’s Day and if you’re like most couples I know, the emphasis for February 14th will be on doing something ‘romantic’. Go for it - but when you’re done with the flowers and bubbles and three-course dinner, sign up for my 10-day sex challenge to make sure you keep sex as well as love alive!

    Starting on Feb 14th, I’m going to give you a daily task designed to push you both out of that comfortable but heading-for-a-rut routine lots of couples find themselves in once they’ve past the horny honeymoon period. Some of the tasks are simple and doable on the day. Others need a bit of planning or time to get right. Ideally, you’d do the tasks daily but if that’s not possible (babies, jobs, life) turn it into a ten week task and do one a week instead of once a day. (Just don’t do less than one a week or the whole thing will lose its momentum!)

    The idea behind the challenge is to remind you that great sex doesn’t just happen, you have to make it happen! By the end of the challenge, you should know more about each other’s wants and needs, have a few new techniques or positions to add to the ‘favourites’ pile, had sex more regularly and - most importantly - had more interested, varied sex.

    With everything from bed picnics to three-ways (not that type), sex contracts and how to master the world’s most popular intercourse position, there’s something to tickle everyone’s fancy.

    Official Twitter hash tag: #hotsexchallenge.

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