• Love Advice: Valentine's Day - single doesn't suck!

    Today is Valentine’s Day - otherwise known as National Single Awareness Day. Just the right time to remind any singles out there (I’m one this year!) that while being single might suck (just a little) on Valentine’s Day, it’s not all bad!

    1. For every sad single eyeing off the smug married’s, there’s a not-so-smug married, looking enviously back at you! Wouldn’t you rather be single than stuck in a bad relationship, feeling trapped, with someone you don’t love or who treats you badly?

    2. Always remember you can never look in on other people’s relationships: all is never what it seems or appears to be. Look at Heidi Klum and Seal? All those over-the-top PDA’s and suddenly they’re separated.

    3. Single doesn’t always suck. Just think of all that lovely freedom you have. Think about the argument you won’t have tonight (today is the day most couple’s row - NYE is the second most popular!). Think about how you won’t be disappointed by whatever your lover does or doesn’t do.

    4. Be proactive not reactive. Love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely. This means not getting sloshed tonight and drunk texting or calling the ex who is an ex for a reason just because you feel shitty being solo on V.Day. That’s reactive. It does mean spending the night having a look around a few internet dating sites or thinking up at least five new places to go in the new month that will open you up to meeting all sorts of new people. That’s proactive.

    Be a happy single on Valentine’s! I will be!

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