• "It feels like I'm passing wind from my vagina during sex - can I stop it?"


    This is really embarrassing but here goes. If I have sexual intercourse after I have had an orgasm I experience wind but it comes from the front and I am mortified by it, it is preventing me wanting to orgasm and means I'm not relaxing and enjoying sex as much as I should. Is there a reason this is happening and can I stop it?


    Some positions - particularly him from behind - force air into the vagina which is expelled - usually in a most unladylike fashion - after he withdraws. Other positions force air inside and it comes out right there and then. Either way, it’s a totally normal bodily function that most couples either ignore or have a giggle over. I’m not sure why it happens if you orgasm just before intercourse but if you have your orgasm through oral sex, I’d suggest the position your boyfriend finds easiest to move into straight after, is the culprit.

    Experiment with different positions and also get him to keep his pelvis quite close during thrusting. If he’s pulling back so much he’s almost withdrawing completely, this won’t help matters.

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