• "Why can't I feel anything during sex?"


    My partner is not very well endowed, and sometimes I wish I could feel him more during sex. Do you have any tips on how to improve the way things feel?


    A common female complaint and up there on the Things Men Least Want to Hear list (“Is it in yet?”), there’s lots you can do to fix this one.

    • If you’re super turned on, you’ll be producing lots of natural lubrication. The wetter you are, the less friction there will be and the less you’ll feel him inside you. So it’s a good sign in a sense and a compliment to him that you find him sexy!
    • Did you add too much lube? For the same reasons, a little too much lubrication isn’t necessarily a good thing. Use the sheets or whatever else is handy (a tissue, his T-shirt, possibly not that new silk top you just bought) to mop things up a bit, then continue. Or slip him out of you and use your hand to pump his penis a few times to remove any excess moisture with your hand.
    • Try a penis extender. Slip it onto his penis like a sleeve, add lube, then insert him into you holding it at the base. Some men swear by them, others would be highly insulted at the mere suggestion. Not a - present to surprise him with!
    • If you never feel anything, get a check up with your gyno. You may have vaginal wall relaxation (sometimes caused by genital prolapse) which may be fixable with surgery.
    • Some women swear by vaginal ‘tightening’ creams though they work by either inflaming or artificially drying out the area, neither of which sounds terribly appealing to me!

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