• Sex Advice: Worried your penis is too small?

    Worried your penis is too small for her?

    Who cares? (She probably doesn’t!) Five reasons why big isn’t best.

    • Most nerve endings are in the first inch or so of the vagina and it balloons on arousal, so width counts more than length.
    • Most women have their orgasms via your fingers or tongue, rather than through penetration.
    • Your penis is attached to a man and if we love the man, the size of your penis tends to be irrelevant.
    • It’s men who perpetrate the ‘women love big willys' myth. In reality, few women want a man with a huge penis. It's uncomfortable in many positions.
    • Men with small penises tend to be better at other things - like oral sex or manual masturbation - because they tend not to fall into the 'the penis is everything' trap as easily.

    Feeling better? Hope so!

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    • Trent: May 16, 2013 22:07
      What a load of crap.Women ARE obsessed with d_ck size.Anyone with access to the freaking internet can figure that out.I think women lie because of their guilt about thinking it matters.You can go on any sex forum/any blog news were that topic is being discussed and viola--not only does a guy's size matter but apparently it matters to you chicks ALOT.Perhaps you can explain why WOMEN continue to bring the damn topic up ad nauseum and usually as propaganda to slam men.You can live in your pretend world and think that it doesn't matter but the evidence otherwise is vast and substantial.On top of it all you know damn well that no guy can change his size and still unleash the hate and judgements.Oh and i love how its justified as a preference or women will attempt to blame some guys for liking bigger boobs so that justifies completely emmasculating someone on the topic.It may not matter that much to you but apparently it sure as hell does to a large precentile.Thats why i have little respect for women amymore because alot of you are hypocritical frauds..and if it isn't our size,its height,social status,monetary value or whatever.Sorry if this comes off bitter and like i hate women i truly do not...
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