• "Will menopause ruin my sex life?"


    Early menopause runs in my family and I’m terrified it will have an effect on my sex life.


    The bad news is, genetics does play a factor in when menopause happens and, without intervention, it can have an effect on your sex life. There are changes to pelvic and sexual organs – vaginal dryness and atrophy and bladder disturbances (wanting to pee or a burning sensation). Then you’ve got mood swings, irritability, depression, hot flushes and night sweats. Not exactly a turn on, is it?

    The good news is HRT (hormone replacement therapy) alleviates most of the symptoms, there are herbal alternatives and new research could turn up many more ways of dealing with it.

    By using lubricant, continuing to have sex (to keep your organs toned and libido constant) and keeping an eye on new developments, there’s every chance you’ll emerge from it feeling sexy and confident.

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