• Sex Advice: What to do if you can't stop fantasising about someone you shouldn't

    Sex Tips: Can't stop fantasising about someone you shouldn't?Here are some practical tips to help you avoid taking the fantasy any further...

    • Try dismissing it. Most erotic adventures we play in our heads are harmless and make for great masturbation fantasies. Are you worrying unnecessarily?
    • If you feel it’s reached an unhealthy level of frequency or making you feel uncomfortable around the person you’re fantasizing about, give your fantasy a negative ending.
    • Continue to replay the fantasy but end it differently each time - always badly: your partner catches you, they say something horrid, their partner finds out.

    • The ending that you dislike the most, repeat the most. (It’s usually the ‘I get found out and lose my partner/kids/dog/laptop” one.)
    • Continually remind yourself that reality sex rarely lives up the fantasy so you won’t be tempted to follow through.

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