• "I want to try anal but I'm afraid that it won't be clean"


    My partner and I are really keen to try anal, and I have been experimenting with anal play for a while now (using fingers etc), but when it comes to actually having doing it I don’t like the idea of how dirty it is. Is there any way to get myself properly clean before we try full anal sex?


    The healthier and higher in fibre your diet is, the less likely it is that you won’t be ‘clean’. So tuck into your muesli, though on the actual day avoid anything that makes you feel gassy. Brussel sprouts and baked beans are not great pre-anal meals to be planning!

    If you can manage it, go to the loo at least once that day and while you’re in the shower, insert a soapy finger inside your bottom and swish it around a bit. Some people give themselves an enema but there’s no need to. If you’re doing it on white sheets, put down an old towel that’s dark coloured so you won’t be paranoid and keep some wet wipes handy for quick and instant clean up. But then stop worrying: sex is messy and it’s all part of it!

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