• "Does masturbation make you last longer in bed?"


    I’ve heard that if you make yourself come just before having sex with a woman, it will make you last longer. Is this true? Is it also true that wearing a condom works as well?


    You’d think having an orgasm first (aka that infamous scene in ‘Something About Mary’) would help, given most guys last longer second time around. It does help for some but for most there’s a downside. Having an orgasm solo takes the edge off: you’re less horny which makes having sex with her a lot less appealing than it was. Some men complain their second erection isn’t as hard or they struggle to get one at all. The first orgasm is usually the most intense as well with the second in, well, second place. All round, it’s not that appealing.

    Using a condom is more successful. Putting a barrier between you and her does work to dull sensation which should make you last a little longer. Most ranges have delay condoms designed for this purpose that also has benzocaine (or a similar numbing agent) in the tip. Some people dislike the feeling of condoms but if it works and pays off, it could be worth getting used to!

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