• "Sex with my husband is great now I'm having an affair..."


    I’m having an affair and ironically, sex with my husband has never been better. It’s confusing me. I was all set to leave now I’m not sure.


    Just because the sex has improved, doesn’t mean the relationship has. It’s extremely common for sex with a spouse to get better during an affair. Affair sex sends your desire level sky rocketing because sex is now associated with danger and excitement, both erotic uppers. Because you can’t see your lover constantly, there’s a surplus of sexual energy – which is now directed at your husband. Add a dollop of guilt for cheating and that’s why the frisson is back.

    Either way, I’m not surprised you are confused. It’s impossible to think clearly about ending a marriage while having an affair. If you really want to make a logical, clearly thought through decision, end the affair or at least put it on hold while you make up your mind.

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