• "What can I do to make myself last longer?"


    What can I do to make myself last longer? Are there any techniques that I can try which will help me stay in control? What do you think of the squeeze technique?


    The ‘squeeze’ technique involves your partner placing their thumb on one side of the penis and their index and middle finger on the other side and squeezing firmly when you feel you’re about to ejaculate. In theory, this will stop you having an orgasm. Emphasis on in theory. In practise, by the time you’ve pulled out, she’s fiddled about positioning her fingers and thumbs and squeezed, the horse has often bolted.

    Thing is, firmly squeezing the head does force back some of the blood that’s flowed into your penis, giving you back a little control. But it works better if you do it, rather than her. No-one knows your penis and your arousal level better than you, so you’re more liable to get the timing right than she is. It’s also far less awkward for you to quickly pull out and squeeze, than it is for her to do it - and you can do it quickly. (Warn her first so she’s aware of what’s happening and why.) Press firmly on the underside of your penis with your thumb and forefinger and squeeze firmly below the head. Wait a few seconds, then resume thrusting.

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    • Kevin Freeston: March 26, 2015 07:28
      Also when you're about to ejaculate the testicles rise either side of the penis, I find that pushing the testicles down VERY gently also delays ejaculation
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