• "What can I do to tip myself over the edge?"


    I often find myself on the verge of having an orgasm and then unable to actually have one. What can I do to tip myself over the edge?


    Start by adding extra stimulation. For instance, if he’s giving you oral, get him to slide a finger up and down, grazing the side of the clitoris, along with his tongue. Or get him to put a finger/s inside your vagina and perhaps anally, if you’re into anal play. If that doesn’t work and you feel yourself sliding into that frustrating ‘It’s never going to happen” mode, switch to doing something different.

    If you’re having intercourse, get him to give you oral. If he’s giving you oral, have intercourse, then go back to whatever is your surest route to orgasm success. Taking a little break can take the pressure off and stop the clitoris from feeling numb or oversensitive. Just kissing for a bit can reduce panic.

    Finally, remember sex isn’t just about the orgasm. Relax and enjoy the sensations for what they are. If it doesn’t happen every time, so what? He (or you) can always whip out your trusty vibe to finish yourself off if you feel you need it.

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