• "If he doesn't ejaculate, am I safe from HIV?"


    My girlfriend thinks, as long as the man doesn’t ejaculate inside you, you can’t get AIDS. I think you can. Can you settle this for us?


    With pleasure! You’re right, your friend is wrong - and playing with fire if she’s putting her theory into practise! AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus that causes the disease. You ‘catch’ HIV, not AIDS.

    HIV definitely can be passed on during vaginal sex, through both semen (sperm) and vaginal secretions. The fact is, HIV couldn’t care less whether your boyfriend actually enjoys the experience of passing it on (or contracting it) by having an orgasm and ejaculating. All it needs to fester is the nice warm environment of a vagina. HIV isn’t spread by saliva (except in extremely rare cases) or by touching, kissing, drinking out of the same cup, toilet seats, shaking hands, sneezing or swimming pools and spas.

    There’s an easy way not to ‘catch’ HIV: use lubricant and condoms each and every time you have sex.

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