• "My boyfriend loves sex to last a long time but I don't"


    My boyfriend likes intercourse to last for ages but I’m happy with it lasting around 10 - 15 minutes. How can I get him to see that’s enough without offending?


    A lot of men are up for having intercourse for a long time because they think that’s what women want. It seems ‘manly’ to be able to go on and on (and on). So make sure he understands that you really are happy with it lasting less time. A recent survey found the ‘perfect’ time for intercourse for women was 13 minutes. So you’re spot on for what most women enjoy.

    Also get him to rethink his idea of ‘sex’. Most women don’t orgasm through penetration alone, so it’s often the least exciting part of sex for us. Most men do orgasm through penetration so it’s the most exciting part for him. As with all problems, the trick is to compromise and the way to do it is usually through foreplay. Add in lots of oral sex for both of you before intercourse and he’ll be more aroused and make sure to stop and add lube if you’re feeling sore if he does need a bit longer. Holding him at the base will make him climax more quickly, as will playing with his testicles.

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