• "We love each other but can't live together."


    My husband and I got together young, had children, drove each other mad then separated. We still loved each other though so ended up getting back together again before splitting again, then getting back together a third time. The problem is we don’t function well living together but work well when we have our own places. We’re considering living apart as a permanent solution but our friends think we’re bonkers.


    I don’t think you’re bonkers: quite the contrary. You’ve both found a viable solution to a relationship problem that’s ‘win-win’. You tried living together and it didn’t work and instead of trying to squeeze into a mould dictated by society, you sensibly ditched it and went with what works for you as individuals. Twenty-three percent of British couples in serious relationships now live apart. Who says you have to share a bed every night just because you’re married? So long as the time you spend together is happy and you’re both satisfied with the arrangement, what’s the problem?

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