• "How Do I 'Sext' Safely?"


    My new boyfriend wants me to send him ‘sexts’ but I’m nervous about him showing his mates. On the other hand, the idea turns me on and I don’t want to be a killjoy. Is there a safe way to do it?


    I can see the attraction: both men and women are visual and like looking at sexy things and having erotic pictures of someone you’ve just started seeing is a powerful aphrodisiac indeed. BUT - and it’s a big but - even the nicest guy is not going to be able to resist showing his mates his sexy new girlfriend. So, assume he’s going to show one or two close friends and frame the pictures accordingly. Keep it erotic rather than pornographic and remember a hint of something can be far sexier than showing everything. First up, cut off your head. That will stop people immediately identifying you. Also, photograph individual body parts rather than the whole deal to make it even harder to recognize it’s you.

    An arty shot of one of both breasts or a flattering angle of your bottom, thigh - anywhere that’s sexy will do the trick but lessen the chance of your reputation being tarnished. Course, this doesn’t work if you have distinguishing features, so avoid ‘giveaway’ shots - and remember it’s still coming from your phone number. If you really wanted to be safe, you’d send it from a cheap disposable mobile that wasn’t traceable to you.

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    • Dave Harding: November 28, 2013 14:58
      Hi Tracey,
      Watched the Sex Inspectors last night and a thought occurred. Why not do a few of these programmes involving Older people with sex/relationship problems? I'm talkin 50 upwards. We have loads of them! Just an idea....!
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