• Everything You Need to Know About Glass Dildos

    One of my most popular toys - the Supersex Glass Dildo Set - is also the one most people are confused by. I get asked the following questions time and time again, so thought I should tackle them one by one.

    Why do I want to insert something that doesn’t even vibrate inside me, when orgasms originate from the clitoris?

    1. Because something thrusting in and out of the vagina feels pretty damn good even if you don’t orgasm, because the area is rich in nerve endings.
    2. Because there’s a super-sensitive area on the front vaginal wall that can produce an orgasm if stimulated properly - and one of the glass dildo’s (there’s two in each pack) with its bulbous end and gentle ‘S’ bend, is just right for the job.
    3. Because if you’re role-playing a threesome/moresome, dildos are fabulous for being the pretend extra guy.
    4. Because they’re a great substitute if your man can’t get an erection for some reason or you’d prefer he had a bigger penis.
    5. Because they’re perfect for anal play for both of you (more on that later).
    6. Because men will never tire of watching things disappear inside women. It’s fun, sexy and naughty. Score three.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls

    Won’t they break?

    No because they’re made of strong, shatterproof borosilicate glass. While I wouldn’t be throwing them onto hard tiles willy nilly, it’s a remarkably tough material and perfectly safe to use. Glass also means they’re hygienic and you can even pop them in the dishwasher if you fancy it!

    Won’t it feel all weird and cold?

    Only if you want it to! One of the pluses about glass dildos is that you can heat them up or cool them down for ‘temperature play’: using something hot or cold to stimulate erogenous zones.

    Is he gay if he wants me to use it on him?

    Nah. Wanting to experiment with things up his bottom doesn’t make a guy gay. Wanting to actually have sex with men on a regular basis makes a guy gay! Plenty of guys love being penetrated in the rectum because his prostate gland (male G-spot) is up there and it feels good. There! That’s the main queries sorted and hopefully I’ve reassured you and demonstrated just how versatile the glass dildos are. They’re also gorgeous in design and I think, rather beautiful - always a plus!

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