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    It’s simple: try using lube. But which is the best lube and for what?

    This is yet another thing women can learn from gay men. Girls tend to use lube - tentatively and with some embarrassment - only during intercourse. Gay boys use it for hand-jobs, anal play, during long sessions, with sex toys - for everything! And guess what? Everything feels better when you do. It makes safe sex safer too: add a drop of lube inside a condom and it’s far less likely to tear.

    If you’re being ultra-safe and using a dental dam during oral sex (or putting cling wrap between you and their mouth), a tiny amount on your bits beforehand makes it feel so much better. The trick with lube is getting the amount right. Use too much and you’ll reduce all friction. So add a little to start with and then top it up rather than over do it.

    Which lube is best and for what?

    1. Saliva is natural and good for everything. You can also add some to reactivate lube you added earlier and give it another lease of life.
    2. Tracey Cox Supersex Love Water-Based Lubricant 100ml

    3. Household lubes like hand cream, olive oil, butter, Vaseline work well in movies, not so much in real life. The problem is some damage condoms, others upset the pH balance of the vagina and cause infections.
    4. Personal lubricants like my supersex Love Lube, are formulated especially for sex so safe to use with condoms and toys, won’t irritate or cause infections or stain your sheets or furniture. What they will do is make everything you do feel super sensual- and they won’t have you gagging if you end up giving each other oral sex after you’ve smeared some on. Add lube to your love life and then sit back and lap up the compliments!

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