• How Can I Gain Confidence in the Bedroom?


    I'm 25 and only lost my virginity a year ago to a one night stand. Since then, I've had a number of other one nighters to try to get more experience. I've met a really nice guy and we've been dating for a month but we haven't had sex yet. I keep putting it off because I don't want to do anything wrong and put him off. What should I do now?


    Relax for starters. And give up on the idea that you'll learn how to be good lover by having a series of one night stands!

    Most people learn about sex in a committed relationship, where you both have the time and desire to explore each other's bodies and learn how to communicate your sexual wants and needs in a safe, loving environment.Hot Sex

    Tell your new man that you have limited experience with sex and that's why you haven't rushed into it. Tell him you have strong feelings for him and are excited about discovering sex with someone you really care about.

    If he's a decent guy, he will be thrilled to know this rather than put off! In the meantime, build your confidence by reading a few good books about the topic.

    If you're interested in reading one of mine, you could try Hot Sex or supersex; both are great basic manuals with lots of practical tips. Educate yourself about how the sexual response system works for both sexes, then explore the practical side together, always (of course) practicing safe sex.

    Plus, when you're ready for your first weekend away together, my Couples' Bundle is a brilliant idea!

    "Supersex is one of my favourite books: fabulous photography and no-nonsense advice on everything from kissing and stripping to spanking. The detailed, practical guides to giving great oral sex are very popular! Great for singles and couples." - Tracey

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