• How to Have a Happy, Healthy Erection

    Supersex Stroker by Tracey Cox

    The strength, firmness and frequency of your erections tend to mirror the rest of your life. They are a reflection of your health, lifestyle, emotions and relationship. The better all that is, the better your erections will be.

    Make sure your penis is performing at its best by following my top tips:

    • Be realistic. Age affects erections. You're not going to be as hard or have as many erections at 40 as you will at 18. Don't stress about it.
    • Lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise. The better your general health, the less likely you are to need medication - a common cause of erection problems.
    • Avoid stress - a calm penis is a happy one. Overworked, over-exhausted penises (not surprisingly) have trouble rising to the occasion.
    • Use lube during marathon intercourse sessions to avoid irritating the skin.

    • Watch your diet. Kebabs, curries, too much beer - it all works to slow down your blood flow. A strong, regular blood flow is what's needed to engorge the tissues which make your penis go hard.
    • Don't binge drink. One drink gives you courage, another loses your inhibitions, the third often loses your erection.
    • Don't smoke. There are definite links between smoking and impotence.
    • Masturbate regularly. Using a sleeve or stroker keeps the blood vessels nicely expanded, ensuring good blood flow to the area.


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