• How to Have a Happy, Healthy Vagina

    Supersex Stroker by Tracey Cox

    Been to the gym? Squeezed yourself into your skinny jeans, hair done, makeup fabulous, teeth white and looking edible? Make sure the rest of you also makes the grade.

    Follow my top tips to make sure your vagina stays in tip-top shape!

    • Change tampons frequently.
    • To always smell sweet, avoid garlic, tight clothing, synthetic knickers and wearing tights too frequently.
    • Wipe front to back after you've been to the loo.
    • Rinse thoroughly after washing.
    • Ideally, wash with a soap-free liquid (available in most chemists).
    • Pee before and after sex to flush out bacteria.
    • Don't even think about using vaginal deodorant.

    • Have lots of sex to keep your muscles toned and the vaginal walls flexible.
    • Do regular pelvic floor exercises (it's a good idea to use toner balls to make sure you're doing them correctly).
    • Masturbate regularly using a variety of techniques (using fingers and vibrators) so you don't become dependent on one type of stimulation.
    • Use a good quality lubricant to protect the delicate walls of the vagina from tiny cuts and tears.
    • Exercise - it improves the blood flow essential for sexual arousal.
    • Stop smoking - it's linked to cervical cancer.

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