• Find Her Top Three Hot Spots

    Supersex Stroker by Tracey Cox

    Over the years, we've pretty much run through the alphabet with discoveries of sexual hot spots. The trouble is, those complicated-sounding A-spots (anterior fornix erogenous) and P-spots (periurethral glands) turned out to be... Well, a bit of a fuss about nothing, or so hard to find that most of us gave up.

    But there are 3, easy-to-locate erogenous zones on women that consistently result in regular orgasm - and it's worth exploring all 3, since they each produce different sensations.

    The U-Spot:

    'U' refers to the urethra, the tube that carries urine. The tiny hole is the entrance and it's usually midway between the vaginal opening and clitoris. Look for a small patch of sensitive erectile tissue just above and on either side of it.

    Target yours by:

    Getting him to focus on this area with his tongue or finger. During intercourse spread your legs wide, pressing yourself against his penis and pelvis to allow maximum contact. It also helps if you ask him to grind rather than thrust.

    The inner clitoris:

    The only organ in the human body whose purpose is purely pleasure, most people don't know that the majority of the clitoris is hidden from view. The bit you can see is just the tip. It's attached to an inner mound of erectile tissue the size of your thumb joint. That tissue then breaks into two 'legs' (around 11cm long) and there are two clitoral bulbs that run down the area just outside the vaginal opening. All this tissue is erectile - responsive to stimulation - which is why any sort of rubbing or pressure or vibration around these naughty bits feels good.

    Target yours by:

    Using new, rounded vibrators - like the dare! Power Travel Massager Vibrator and the dare! Power Massager Vibrator - which are designed just for this purpose. Try rolling or simply holding it firmly on the area below the clitoris, pressing hard to stimulate the wishbone shaped erectile tissue. Alternatively, use it to target the hidden areas close to the tip of the clitoris by rolling it around the sides of the tip (with the labial lips closed and covering the exposed tip of the clitoris).

    The G-spot

    We've all heard of it, but if you're still searching for a 'magic sex button' that guarantees fast, furious, universe-moving orgasms on demand, you're sadly misguided. Ignore any detailed, specific instructions to help you find that elusive 'walnut shaped' tiny area. Instead, explore the entire front vaginal wall - the side closest to your tummy. Most women will find an area there that produces intense, erotic (if slightly weird) feelings.

    Target yours by:

    Using a G-spot vibe like the dare! Spot On Massager. It's the quickest and easiest way to find out where your G-spot is. Then you can direct him to that area, getting him to use the classic 'G-move': inserting and curving his fingers to make a beckoning, "come here" motion. It can be a good idea to use a vibe first, to get you through that scary first front-wall orgasm where you initially feel like you're about to pee but magically don't!

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