• Quick, Easy Ways To Boost Your Sex Life

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    Sex all a bit of yawn, but honestly can't be bothered to do anything about it? Try these three lazy ways to get the spark back.


    The quickest, most effective way to make it feel like you're sleeping with someone new, is to do it... in your imagination while you're having sex with your much-loved, but not new, partner.

    Run through a tape in your head of what might happen (and don't feel guilty - 85% of people in long-term relationships do it!). If you're looking for inspiration, try reading a good erotic book.

    Add a new element

    At the start, couples try new things all the time but sex quickly moves from 'innovative' to 'maintenance' sex once you're two years in.

    We ditch the high-effort things like roleplay with the outfits and props for quick, 'custom-made' hand-jobs and oral sex, pressing all the buttons we know guarantee orgasm with our partner. But not all new things require effort.

    Grab your laptop and turn on the sort of porn you know your partner enjoys. Then give them oral while they continue to watch both the porn onscreen - and you. It shows sexual confidence and sends a signal you're still up for lusty as well as loving sex.

    Have 'take turn' sex sessions and don't be scared to make sex deals

    Sex where both reciprocate in the same session isn't practical. What if one feels like sex more than the other? Doesn't it make sense for the less interested person to give rather than receive when they're not really up for it? This works best if you're both relatively evenly balanced in your appetites (obviously!) but - interestingly - can work well for people with lower libidos.

    Being able to turn on and arouse your partner makes you feel sexually powerful. Constantly rejecting sex does quite the opposite. The shift in roles can work wonders. Don't be afraid to promise rewards for these sexual 'favours'. They don't always have to be sexual: if your partner is off sex because they're stressed, a back massage in front of the telly can be just as bonding as a sex session.

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