• All Day Foreplay: Sex On The Hour, Every Hour

    Supersex G-spot Vibrator by Tracey Cox

    The idea behind the all-day sex-play plan isn't designed to get you both sacked or to turn you into slightly deranged sex addicts people cross the street to avoid.

    It's actually to get you out of the habit of thinking of sex and foreplay as something you do when together, at home, in bed, at 10.24pm on a Friday night. (Sadly, the average time most couples have sex).

    If you both get into the habit of focusing on sex at any time of the day, not just while you're together, you'll find your libidos soaring!

    7am: Dress to impress: Nonchalantly pulling on a super-sexy bra and knickers, stockings and suspenders under unassuming office clothes keeps both of you focused on sex throughout the entire work day.

    8am: Write an erotic note describing how hot your last great sex session was. Slip it inside their wallet so they get a nice surprise when they're buying lunch.

    9am: Kiss goodbye as you both head off to work. But none of that air-kiss rubbish! I mean a good, thorough, deep delicious snog to end all snogs. Then spend two minutes giving them slow, exquisite oral sex before zipping up their flies and pushing them out the front door.

    10am: Text your partner one sentence of a fantasy and get them to text back the next line. Keep going back and forth until you've finished the fantasy - or your boss starts breathing down your neck.

    11am: Make a list of the 10 favourite things your partner does to you and email it to them.

    Noon: Great sex starts outside the bedroom. Think of three things your partner loves doing and schedule them into your diary as little treats. Score extra brownie points if they are things you don't necessarily love doing!

    1pm: Nip out for some lunch and grab some food treats you can eat with your fingers. Chocolate dipped strawberries, dates, cherries. Also pick up some champers or prosecco for later on.

    2pm: Once back at your desk, whip out your diary. Scribble a selection of sexual treats on various dates when you plan to deliver and "Hi honey, I'm home" takes on a whole new flavour.

    3pm: Testosterone peaks for both men and women around 3pm, so if you didn't have a sexy hook-up at lunchtime and you work close by, sweetly offer to buy coffee for the office and turn it into the chance to briefly meet for a furtive snog and fumble somewhere private.

    4pm: Make a list of ten new things you'd like to try over the next 3 months.

    5pm: Call or text your partner to tell them how much you adore being with them and how much happier you are with them in your life. The most effective foreplay appeals to both our emotive and sexual sides.

    6pm: Once you're home, go online and buy an erotic book or sex toy. Check out my products right here.

    7am: Climb into bubble bath and feast on your exotic treats. Get into the habit of doing sensual things together, as well as sexual.

    8pm: Go to a bar or place you've never been before for a pre-dinner drink. New surroundings help to keep your senses stimulated and give you something new to talk about.

    9pm: Move on to a restaurant with long tablecloths for dinner. This is where a floaty dress/no knicker ensemble comes into its own, so he can use his fingers on you while your order is taken.

    10pm: When you get home, shut the door, rip off each other's clothes and have intercourse across a table/on the floor/against a wall.

    11pm: Now it's time for a nightcap, where you both talk about how fabulous the day was and how you fancy the pants off each other.

    Midnight: Get into spoon position, murmur: "I love you" then pass out - if you haven't already.

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