• Why Your Clitoris Does A Disappearing Act

    Hot Sex by Tracey Cox

    Just as men's testicles go AWOL close to orgasm (the testes need to be retracted for him to orgasm), the clitoris often hides under its hood when you're nearing orgasm.

    Given it's a slippery little bugger at the best of times and that most men are literally in the dark when performing oral sex, this can cause more anxiety than an empty beer fridge on the night of the World Cup final.

    If this happens to you, don't panic - and don't go looking for it either! Just keep stimulating the general area in which the clitoris was last seen or gently massage her tummy, pressing your palm downwards towards the vagina, to make it 'pop' back out again.

    And remember, it's absolutely imperative that once she starts to orgasm, you don't stop stimulating her or change what you're doing.

    Her orgasm is roughly three times longer than yours and it's common for men to think it's all over when, in fact, it's only just begun.

    And here's the thing: while you'll continue to orgasm once you've started, even if she stopped right there and walked out of the room to make a cup of tea, women are different. If you stop touching or licking her at the start of her orgasm, it's very likely you'll abort the rest of it.

    This is about as satisfying as having one bite of a chocolate when you were planning on scoffing the entire box.


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