• Myth vs. Reality: What Really Causes Premature Ejaculation?

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    Masturbating quickly as a teenager: False. Though it can make things worse. Having a quick orgasm is a plus as a teen. The faster you do it, the less likely you are to be disturbed by your nosy sister banging on the bathroom door. It made sense for researchers into PE to assume that 'training' your penis to ejaculate quickly as a teenager sets you up for a lifetime of bad habits. But it seems while this certainly doesn't help, it doesn't appear to be a cause. Most teens follow the same pattern with masturbation but not all end up with PE (premature ejaculation).

    Watching porn makes it worse: True. But again, it's not watching porn that causes PE, it just doesn't help the situation. Once you add porn into a solo sex session, you up your chances of ejaculating quickly - which is sort of the point for lots of men who use these sessions as a release, rather than a turn on. Trouble is, that ten second long session with your laptop isn't exactly going to boost your confidence.

    Some men have more sensitive penises than others: Undecided. Men with smaller penises tend to be more sensitive than those on the larger side and studies show some men with PE are more sensitive than the norm. But other tests show PE sufferers to be less sensitive. As with a lot of sex research, the results are scatty and not consistent. It does mean, however, that trying a good quality desensitising cream is worth it and explains why they work for some and not others.

    You're born with it: True. There definitely appears to be a genetic link. If you suffer from PE, you can bet there's another close male relative who also does. Not much you can do about this one.

    Guys who are nervous generally are more likely to have it: True, in the sense that men with a faster heart rate - which is a sign of anxiety - have been linked with PE. Some believe managing and lowering the heart rate is a solution to managing the problem. Some people seem genetically set up to be better able to cope with stress than others.

    The better you know your orgasm pattern, the better you'll be able to control it: True. Research is inconsistent about whether techniques like 'peaking' work but I've had a lot of success teaching self-awareness of arousal through masturbation exercises. They have definitely helped men I've worked with last longer with sex with their partner.

    It's linked to the way you masturbate: False. Another theory still doing the rounds is that PE is somehow a side-effect of masturbating with a too hard or too fast grip. Again, studies show most men use the same technique to masturbate so that's also been ditched. If anything, men who use ultra-firm grips during solo sex sessions often find the opposite happens and they can't orgasm at all. A vagina is no match for a tight fist!

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