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    From cock rings to G-spot confusion (where actually is it?), Tracey Cox has amassed a wealth of knowledge on sex and relationships, which she's shared with you to help you solve bedroom dilemmas in this sex advice column.

    We've picked out her 5 most popular posts, for a go-to list of everything you need to know to enjoy a fantastically satisfying sex life.

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    1. Anal Sex: Anal Play For Beginners:

    What's the body part with the highest concentration of nerve endings besides the genitals? Your bottom! Anal sex used to be taboo but now lots of sexually adventurous couples are discovering its erotic potential.

    This guide offers information specifically for couples attempting anal intercourse or stimulation for the first time.

    2. Top 10 Sex Positions:

    Ready to shake up your sex life? From romantic to raunchy, comfortable to challenging, a new sex position is a great way to have a healthier, happier sex life with minimum effort on your part.

    From the snuggly Comfy Sex position to the sensual Cocoon move, there's a style for every mood.

    3. Hand Jobs For Him:

    Although hand-jobs aren't the easiest of things to perform on your man, it is really worth perfecting your technique for an explosive sexual experience. Learning all about juicing, interlocking and racking - yep, there are many different manual ways to pleasure him!

    4. Hand Jobs For Her:

    Give her the hand-job she's always wanted with these easy yet satisfying techniques. Sharing techniques such as circling, drumming, stirring and zig-zagging, there's everything you need here to take her all the way.

    5. 7 Steps To Giving Him Great Oral:

    Use your hand as well as your mouth. It avoids that dreadfully embarrassing bobbing-for-apples moment when you first put him in your mouth. Slide your hand up and down with your mouth following in hot pursuit.

    For more tips and tricks from Tracey, check out her collection of sex advice and relationship guidance books.


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