• Top 5 Sex Tips from Tracey Cox Part 2

    Sextasy by Tracey Cox

    Have you got a question about sex, love or relationships? Chances are that sexpert Tracey has the answer. We've picked out her top 5 most read Q&As to solve your bedroom dilemmas...

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    1. How much is too much anal sex?

    "Is it dangerous to have regular anal sex? I'm with the same partner so I'm not concerned about STDs, just physical damage."

    2. When we do girl-on-top, I get self-conscious. How can I get over it?

    "I'm seeing someone that I'm really attracted to, the sex is really great (best I have had) but there's something holding me back. I'm not a very sexually confident person.

    "But when I get on top, I get all self-conscious. How can I become better at all this and really make him think that this is the best sex he's ever had?"

    3. Help! My man wants me to masturbate in front of him!

    "My new man has told me that he gets off on the idea of me masturbating in front of him. I have never done anything like this before in front of previous partners and am happy to go with the flow but find it initially a bit embarrassing and hard to lose my inhibitions. Have you got any tips for making it more sexually pleasing for us both?"

    4. What can I do to make my first time really good?

    "I'm 17 and have been with my boyfriend for a year and we're both ready to have sex. Can you give me some hints on how to make the first time really, really good?"

    5. I have never been able to orgasm without a vibrator. Should I just accept this?

    "I have never been able to have a vaginal orgasm. I am fine with it because I own a vibrator and can orgasm on my own. I have tried to use my vibrator during sex but it doesn't work so it's very frustrating for both me and my boyfriend. Should I just accept that I cannot have vaginal orgasms?"

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