• Is Using Lube 'Cheating'?

    waterbased lube by tracey cox

    Q: My husband found a tube of lube in my bedside drawer and went mad. He accused me of just pretending to fancy him, because if I did I wouldn't need it. He says using lube is 'cheating'. I tried telling him that most women need extra help at certain times (I'm 34) but he refuses to believe me. What can I do?

    A: Is brushing your teeth with toothpaste cheating in the breath department? What about putting on moisturiser? Using his logic it's downright trickery, because your skin wouldn't be as soft without it.

    It's a lovely concept that your husband's going to turn you on instantly, just by looking at you. But it's horribly immature. Men who are sexually experienced very quickly learn that our natural lubrication is affected by hormones, diet, stress levels and a dozen other factors.

    There are times when we all need to supplement Mother Nature with a good quality lubricant. I bet this isn't the only sex myth he's fallen for. Buy him a good, basic sex book and suggest he reads it from start to finish.

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