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    Q: I'm a 26-year-old man and a virgin. The reason I haven't had sex is that I'm worried I won't last long enough to please a woman.

    When I masturbate to pornography, I can orgasm in under a minute. Without it, I only last about 5 - 10 minutes. This clearly isn't long enough to satisfy a woman.

    A: You've fallen for so many myths about sex, I don't know which one to reassure you about first!

    Let's start with the one about how long intercourse usually lasts with a partner. Depending on which study you want to believe, it's between 5 and 13 minutes – and judging by the letters I receive, I'd say 5 is more accurate.

    If you can last that long masturbating yourself, bearing in mind no-one's going to know what you like more than you do yourself, you have nothing to worry about. Ejaculating quickly while watching porn is also extremely common. It stems from training your penis to get it over with quickly, for fear of getting caught.

    In short, you're worrying unnecessarily. Having said that, I have absolutely no doubt that, during your first time with a woman, it will all be over with before you can say 'I think I'm....'. Again, this is normal. The more often you have sex, the less excited you'll become and the more easily you'll control your orgasms. In the meantime, download my free Edge Stamina app here.

    The next time you masturbate, just before you get to the point of no return, stop all stimulation by removing your hand. Wait until your arousal level drops a little and only then continue masturbating. Again, stop before you feel yourself losing control and wait. If you repeat this cycle, you will train yourself to last longer.

    Tracey Cox EDGE Stamina App

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    • Robin: June 26, 2014 14:33
      Good advice Tracey, but a bit of a preoccupation with your posts on this subject at the moment, don't you think? I've emailed a question, would appreciate your perspective on it. Cheers :)
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