• How to Play With Her Breasts

    Hot Sex by Tracey Cox

    The breasts are often bypassed on the way to what men perceive to be the real goodies - the genitals. Yet for most women (and lots of men) the breast area is highly erotic, playing a vital part in sexual excitement.

    As with the rest of our bodies, what we like, as well as when and how we want you to touch them, is all individual.

    As a general rule, though...

    • Start off gently and slowly, increasing the pressure in line with her arousal.
    • Watch her body language carefully to see how she responds to different touches - and make sure it's desire making her nipples erect, not the cold breeze drifting in from an open window!
    • Try sucking, nibbling, licking, stroking or gently squeezing the entire breast area. The nipples and areola (the pinky brown bit around the nipples) are sensitive but so is the area underneath.

    • Try swirling your fingers over her breast without touching the nipples at all: a simple but highly effective tease.
    • Stand behind her and cup her breasts from behind. Try standing in front of a mirror so she can see what you're doing and you can watch her getting turned on.
    • Buy her a see-through sheer bra and lick or touch her nipples through the fabric.
    • Some women feel zilch when you directly touch the nipples but stroke underneath and they'll stiffen immediately. Use your tongue, fingers, whole hand, lips and the head of your erect penis to stimulate the whole area.
    • What she enjoys will change day to day. Some women like their nipples flicked, pinched hard or bitten. But this very much depends not only on personal taste, her mood and how many glasses of wine she's had but also where she is in her menstrual cycle. Sometimes even your fingers might feel too rough; other times, what seems like a fierce bite to you might not be hard enough for her. There's no magic way to telling what she fancies on a particular day - just ask her what feels good!
    • Alternate licking and using your fingers. Nipples get sore quite easily and continually doing any of the same thing is likely to annoy rather than excite her - so switch stimulation often. Licking is softer and much gentler than rubbing nipples with your fingers (and on that note, a bit of hand cream doesn't go astray to make sure the pads of your fingertips are soft).
    • Don't suck too hard on her nipples. It looks damn impressive in porn but doesn't translate that well to real life. A gentle suck is generally better received than you practically hoovering her breast into your mouth!
    • Rubbing an ice cube over her breast, then covering it with your warm mouth feels amazing.
    • If she loves breast play, try using some nipple clamps. There are loads of styles to choose from with varying degrees of tightness.
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