• Top 10 Best Sex Tips of All Time

    Top 10 Sex Tips Tracey Cox

      Whether you're stuck in a sex rut or want to make your life even better, follow these easy, achievable and effective ways to keep your sex life nice and lively!

    • 1. Choose the right partner By all means use your head to make your choice for a life partner, but don’t discount your groin. Love without lust is friendship and if you don’t want to get naked when you first meet, imagine how you’ll feel ten years on.
    • 2. Do your research You need three things for great long-term sex: knowledge (a good understanding of how your body and your partner's body works), experience (practise makes perfect) and the right attitude (the ability to let go of inhibitions, not judge and not worry about what you look like).
    • 3. Try everything (within reason) once We all beat to a different drum and if that’s what does it for your partner, why not indulge them? Just because ‘the average’ population doesn’t appear to need or want the same, who cares? So long as noone is being hurt physically or emotionally and it doesn’t become a must-have (which then moves it into being a fetish), anything goes. Don’t judge. Judging guarantees your partner won't suggest doing anything vaguely interesting again.

    • 4. Be great at oral Oral sex is how most people have their most intensive orgasms. If you aren't sure your skills are top notch - and I mean unbearably torturishly good - polish up! Like now!
    • 5. Keep your brain stimulated.The brain is the biggest erogenous zone so you need to spend more time on ‘brain sex - fantasies, role-play, variety, surprise, anticipation - than you do massaging other, more obvious bits
    • 6. Keep having sex even when you don’t really feel like it It’s worth pushing yourself when you’re not gagging for it, just to keep your libido stable.
    • 7. Don’t finish where you started and don’t do what you did last time Psychologically trick yourselves into thinking you’ve done something wild and outrageous by sticking to two rules. Don’t finish where you start (move to another room halfway through or if you start having sex in missionary in the bedroom, simply turn it around so you’re facing the opposite end of the bed.) and don’t do what you did last time (try a different position, clothes on instead of off, different music). These rules aren’t too taxing, so suit the laziest lover. Stick to them and you’ve got a quick fix solution to keeping things good long term.
    • 8. Make the first move as often as possible If you always wait for your partner to instigate sex, you’re seriously missing out. Power is a huge turn-on and nothing feels sexier than being the one unzipping the trousers and promising the earth in return for having your wicked way.
    • 9. Have one dirty weekend away every six weeks It doesn’t have to be expensive, just take you somewhere the dishes, kids, in-laws and bills aren’t. If you can’t manage or afford a weekend, aim for one night. If that’s impossible, try a few hours solo. Even if it means camping in the back garden or a few stolen hours in a cheap hotel. A survey of US counsellors said time away together cures 90% of couples who say they’re in a rut and have lost the magic.
    • 10. Don’t be greedy Very few (blessed) individuals have consistently great sex. Most of us bumble through with a mix of outrageously grand sessions, ordinary shags and the odd highly embarrassing incident (or twelve). Even couples who rate their sex life as fantastic admit only 2-3 sessions out of every 10 are sheet-grabbing material. Push yourselves when things are good, but be kind and forgiving when things aren’t.
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