• Part 2: He's Too Small/He's Too Small - What Can You Do When Your Bits Don't Fit?

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    Last week’s blog focused on lovers who are lopsided, in that he’s too big, she’s too small. This week I’m going to talk about the opposite scenario: what do you do if he’s on the small side and she’s on the big side (possibly after having children - though it can just be genetic).

    It’s a slightly more embarrassing problem to admit to than the former, but happily quite easily fixed with some artful arranging of pillows, positioning and (I can hear you groan from here) exercises.


    She should:

    • Do kegel exercises. Give yourself an internal workout by squeezing and holding your PC muscle for the count of 3, at least 20 times a day. Work up to three sets a day and you should notice a big difference in about three weeks.
    • Have lots of non-penetrative orgasms first. Don’t make intercourse the main event.

    He should:

    • Get the right attitude. Women don’t fall in love with penises. They fall in love with the man attached to it.
    • Put two pillows underneath her bum when she’s underneath and put your legs on either side of hers, rather than getting her to open hers wide.

    Prime positions:

    • She lies on her back and wraps her legs over his shoulders, narrowing the vaginal canal and allowing him deep access. Or she kneels on all fours and he penetrates from behind. Also try this: she lies on her back and brings her knees up to her chest. He penetrates from on top with her feet resting on his shoulders.

    Other tricks for lopsided lovers...

    His penis is too thin?

    • She lies on her stomach, he enters from behind while she squeezes her legs together. Keeping her legs close together will tighten her up and instantly enlarge him.

    He's too tall?

    • She should jump on top.

    He's too short?

    • Find uneven ground: he stands while she sits on the edge of a table or chair then she straddles his hips while holding on to his shoulders.

    He’s a heavy weight?

    • Again, she jumps on top or have him sit in a chair while she straddles him.


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