• The 'Save Me!' Last Minute Sexy Gift Guide for Him

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    Valentine's Day is looming and you still haven’t a clue of what to get him? Take inspiration from these personality-packaged ideas from my ranges.

    The trick to buying brilliant presents is to match the gift to the personality. Presenting your shy, conservative husband with a ‘Master’s Dungeon Play Kit’ is more likely to inspire fear than excitement! Giving your Type E (for extreme) boyfriend cutsey socks when he’s just come back from a sky-diving lesson will be equally disastrous.

    It’s all about making the right judgement call - and never is this more the case than when giving your partner a sexy gift. Men are generally less uptight about sex toys than women are BUT I’d strongly suggest you present any sex-related present in a light-hearted fashion with a ‘Thought we’d get a buzz/a giggle out of this’ message.

    This reinforces that it’s given in the spirit of fun rather than fixing any sex problems he has. Save anything that’s aimed to make him last longer or feel harder for the truly sexually secure and even then enclose a tactfully worded card that says ‘I love you inside me so much, I’m going to be greedy and ask for even more!’. Happy Valentines!

    Mr Easy Going

    Laid back, fun, doesn’t take life too seriously. Almost impossible to offend and easy to please.


    • Supersex Stroker: He slips it onto his erect penis during solo sex sessions or you use it on him to give the best hand-job he’s ever had.


    • Supersex Beginner’s Soft Bondage Kit: We all know we’ll have Fifty Shades the movie on constant replay, why not watch it while reenacting the tie-up scenes with Velcro handcuffs and a sexy blindfold.

    The Perfectionist

    Obsessive about detail, high achiever, self-conscious, competitive.



    • Supersex USB Rechargeable Love Ring: Vibrating penis rings - worn during intercourse to stimulate her clitoris - have been popular forever. This model is rechargeable, which means it never runs out. A one-off expense for a lifelong investment into your sex life.

    If he’s sexually savvy:

    The Tech-head

    Has every gadget going, huge on social media, up with all the trends.


    If he’s not paranoid about performance:

    • Download the Edge Stamina App on his phone: It’s free but super effective at getting him to last longer in bed, get stronger erections and generally maintain a healthy penis. All he does is time his solo sex sessions while practicing simple techniques.

    Tracey Cox Edge Male Stroker

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