• The four best ways to make her orgasm (when she's on the brink)

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    It’s (almost) as frustrating for you as it is her: you can see she’s on the brink of having an orgasm but can’t seem to tip over the edge. Give her the incentive she needs to get there, by choosing one of the following tried-and-trusted techniques:

    Add a Finger

    Adding a finger - yours or theirs - to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse is sometimes nicknamed the ‘bridge’ technique because it effectively provides a ‘bridge’ between his orgasm and hers. Use lots of lubricant and choose positions which allow one (or both of you) to use your fingers without getting cramps. Try woman on top (lean forward and lift up a little for easier access for him; or lean back and do-it-yourself); rear entry allows even easier access, as do face-to-face positions while sitting or kneeling.

    Add a vibe

    Some people find finger masturbation too much like hard work and (quite sensibly, in my opinion) opt for a small vibrator to do the job. Choose a mid size, non-intrusive model like a bullet vibe or classic vibe and simply hold it against the clitoris for a no-fuss way to achieve an orgasm during penetration.

    Hit the wall

    While research on the G-spot continues to be inconclusive, there’s one thing sex researchers and educators aren’t disputing: that the front wall of the vagina is more sensitive than the rest. Women who do orgasm through vaginal stimulation, tend to have lots of clitoral or vulval stimulation beforehand (i.e tons of good foreplay). So wait until she’s massively aroused before moving into penetration, so you literally are just pushing her over the edge - in the nicest way possible. Up your chances of this happening by using G/front wall-friendly positions. Any woman on top or rear entry (best with her on her tummy) are good because you’re aiming for shallow penetration angled toward her belly button.

    Get into position

    If she’s on top, get her to adjust her pelvis to ensure it rubs against the clitoris. Or get her to keep her legs together during intercourse to create friction on the clitoris. (She should open her legs to allow you to penetrate, then close them once you’re inside. You place your legs outside hers.) If you shift your pelvis forward during ‘you on top’ positions, you’ll up the pressure and friction on the clitoris. Keep thrusting slow and steady - the sort the clitoris likes best!

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    • Richard: May 31, 2015 21:47
      Do women enjoy a sexual encounter even if they didn't have an orgasm? How about if they seldom/never have an orgasm?
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