• Part 1: A step-by-step guide to acting out your fantasies

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    We all have fantasies - but a lot of us don’t clue of how to take them from our heads to our beds. I guarantee thousands of couples came back from watching Fifty Shades of Grey, dying to do something - anything! - naughty to each other. But when, where, how and what? It’s alright for Christian, he has the Red Room filled with all sorts of contraptions! The average couple don’t have a dungeon. But you do have your imaginations and a practical guide of what to do next! Read on for the first of a two part blog…

    First up, acting out fantasies doesn’t have to be literal: symbolism is often all that’s needed. Got an anal sex fantasy but don’t want to actually do it? Pretend you are while having vaginal sex doggie style. Use stockings and ties for tying-up games until you’re sure you’re both into it (then when you are, check out this blog post and this bondage kit

    Lavishly expensive props aren’t necessary: black stockings and high heels turn her into a prostitute; jeans, no shirt (and a suitably subservient expression) turn him into a sex slave. Once you know the type of fantasies you both love, that’s the time to splash some cash on props.

    Remember to set the scene using music and different rooms of the house (take it outside if it would work better) and remember, it’s the ‘sense’ of the fantasy that you’re recreating.

    Similarly, don’t be surprised if the first time you do it, either (or both) of you nearly explode from trying to stop the giggles. Laughing together is all part of it. Keep going and you’ll feel less ridiculous once you start getting into it.

    Only one word of caution: work out an agreed ‘stop-now’ signal before starting anything. This is particularly important if your sex games include bondage or spanking. Part of the fantasy may be the person begging for mercy, but how are you supposed to know whether it’s real or feigned without a sign? Apart from that, the world is your stage and you’re the superstars.

    This week’s fantasy is designed to give her inspiration, next week he gets a turn!

    Playing the stern mistress

    • If you own anything in leather/rubber/PVC, put it on. Improvise – a leather jacket worn over black underwear (stocking, suspenders, push-up bra and no knickers) with knee-high boots will do the trick. Otherwise, anything tight, black and short - the tartier the better! His outfit’s easy: nothing. Him naked while you’re clothed sets the scene and makes him feel suitably helpless and vulnerable.
    • If you can’t manage a thunderously threatening expression go for no expression. Be as unflinchingly mercenary as you can. Show him who’s boss by telling him he’s misbehaved and you’re going to punish him.
    • Order him to sit or lie down, face turned away from you, blindfold him and tie his hands together behind his back (pushing him forward into a submissive pose).
    • He’s now naked, blindfolded and bound – completely in your power! If he’s really into this one, he may want you to hit him with a riding crop or wooden spoon, hair brush - anything that makes a sinister noise but doesn’t inflict serious pain will do.
    • Him begging you to stop is all part of the game. Refuse until you’re both so turned on, you’re frothing at the mouth for sex. Tell him you will show mercy but on one proviso - that he ravishes you NOW!

    In Part 2, a fantasy for him to reenact for her!

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