• Part 2: A step-by-step guide to acting out your fantasies

    Tracey Cox Dare Fantasy Book

    Last week’s blog post gave general tips on how to act out those saucy head-sex scenarios - and included a ready-made fantasy scene for her.

    This week it’s his turn with a classic favourite:

    ‘Forcibly’ seducing an innocent

    It’s forbidden sex for both of you and an easy role-play to start with. Don’t panic, there’s absolutely no violence or pain involved. This is a very mild version of the common ‘pretend rape’ fantasy with a virgin element thrown in. Add more ‘struggling’ and ‘force’ to suit your taste!

    • She’s naked, you’re clothed (it doesn’t usually matter what in but dressing formally can add to the older man, younger woman element).
    • She pretends to be discovering her sexuality privately by standing in front of a mirror, running her hands over her body. You come up silently behind her and cover her eyes with your hand. The feel of her naked skin against your rough clothes feels exciting because it’s a new sensation.

    • Be suggestive, speaking in a low voice and tell her you’ve been watching and fantasising about her for weeks. If she likes you to talk dirty, here’s your chance to let rip.
    • As you tell her what you intend to do with her and what she will have to do for you, begin to gently caress her body with your lips and hands.
    • Just when she’s starting to melt, turn on the tension and remind her she’s in your power. You’re still standing behind her, so pull her arms gently behind her back, hold them together at the wrists with one of your hands and use the other to continue exploring.
    • Now make good on your promises. She should resist any new advance initially, then be ‘overcome’ and let you continue (pretending all the time that she’s not enjoying it). You take the lead, pretending each touch is her first.
    • Come on, you want it,’ you whisper finally. She half-heartedly protests, then surrenders and grants permission for you to penetrate her. Remember, she’s inexperienced and this is her first time. Stop and ask if she’s okay and once you’re inside, thrust gently.


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