• 7 things her clitoris loves

    Tracey Cox Supersex Clitoral Vibe

    It’s the one organ on the body that’s designed purely for pleasure. Here’s how to make sure that’s all she feels while you’re lavishing attention on her precious part.

    Lubrication. Clitorises like to be wet and slippery: the best technique in the world feels like hell rather than heaven if the area is dry. You can use saliva or a dab of good quality personal lubricant around the area until she becomes aroused and her natural lubrication kicks in. Remember, her feeling dry doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying what you’re doing. Periods, stress, dehydration - all affect our natural lubrication.

    Gentle fingers. The number one complaint for women, regardless of age, is that men are too rough when they touch them. Read her body language for signs: if she presses against you, she wants more pressure. If she pulls away, she wants you to be more gentle.

    Slow, consistent strokes. Whether you’re using your hands or tongue, you must - and I repeat must - keep going in a consistent, steady rhythm. The clitoris likes repetition. You might think you’re impressing her by switching between techniques, you’re not. Most of the time it simply means we slide down the bottom of the climax ladder and have to start climbing all over again.

    Tongues. Fingers feel fab but nothing feels better on the highly sensitive, nerve-packed clitoris than a warm, soft, wet tongue. Position counts. It may take up to 20 minutes or so to make us climax and we’re painfully aware of you getting bored/tired, a sore neck or tongue. The more comfortable you look, the more we’ll relax and the quicker we’ll climax. Try kneeling in front of her while she stands. Or you lie flat on the bed and she lowers herself onto your mouth.

    Vibrators. Winner of the ‘Best Stimulation of the Clitoris Award’ though goes to the humble vibrator. Rather than get put out that your penis comes in at third place (your tongue got second), celebrate it by buying her a good all rounder like a bullet vibe or clitoral vibe and use it during foreplay or to finish her off if she doesn’t climax during penetration.

    Erotic massage. Like a double-action stroke that works on the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Insert a finger or two into her well-lubricated vagina, curving them so you’re working on the front wall (imagine you’re aiming upward to her stomach). Stroke your fingers firmly across this area; with your other hand, circle the clitoris with your finger or thumb.

    No interruptions. Stop at the crucial moment and you might as well not have bothered at all! Our orgasms often last longer than yours do (we knew there had to be some payoff for having to suffer period pain!). You might think she can’t possibly still be having one but she may be. If you stop what you’re doing while we’re still climaxing, the orgasm continues but it’s not half as intense and we feel horribly robbed.


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