• 7 things his penis wants you to do

    Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love Ring

    Forget the stomach: the way to a man’s heart is through his penis! But it’s fussier than you think. Here’s seven of its most favourite things to keep him purring with pleasure…

    Take your time. Just as you hate him diving straight for your clitoris, he hates you pouncing immediately on the penis. Men like foreplay too! Kiss and stroke everywhere, glide up the inside of his thighs, pay attention to his testicles and the area of the tummy just above where his erect penis sits.

    Use a firm grip. True, some women use a grip like a vice but the majority go too soft. Get the pressure just perfect by asking him what feels best.

    Ask if he’s enjoying it. Using the same technique on every guy and expecting them all to like it, is plain silly. You ask people how they like their coffee, don’t you? Ask him to either show you the technique he likes best or put his hand over yours to provide direction.

    Keep up a steady rhythm. Lots of guys complain that women are jerky, stop at all the wrong times and don’t position themselves properly so their hands go numb way too quickly. Get him to stand in front of you or sit astride him for the best access and make sure the ‘working’ hand is right one for you (ie right if you’re right-handed, left if you’re not).

    Use a sleeve. As in a masturbatory sleeve or stroker rather than the sleeve of your cardigan! They’re usually tube shaped, often made of silicone and slide over his penis and up and down to create ridiculously delicious sensations for him. If you’re rubbish at giving hand-jobs, this is a must. Add a bit of lube, slide it on and transform the most uninventive hand-job into the best he’s ever had!

    Put it in your mouth. But there is such a thing as a bad head-job. The biggest turn off of all? You doing it but clearly hating every second. Show him you love giving him oral by making lots of noise and ‘ummmm’s’ and making sexy eye contact while you’re swirling that tongue around the frenulum.

    Make it tingle. Slip on a vibrating penis ring before you have intercourse and you take the pressure off his penis. It fits snugly around the base and, with the little vibrator turned to target the clitoris directly, means you’re likely to climax just as quickly as he does. Just remember to get him to use a grinding motion to make sure the vibrator stays in contact with the clitoris, rather than the usual thrusting in-out sort.


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    • Paula Knudsen: April 15, 2015 09:18
      Tracey, I'm hoping you are the twin of our old friend Nigel. Ib and I lost contact after he and Lyn divorced. We would love to meet up with him again. Please give him our contact I formation
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