• 7 simple steps to hit her G-spot

    Tracey Cox Supersex G-spot vibrator

    For a long time, the G-spot (Grafenburg spot) was shrouded in myth and mystery. We wanted to believe in it even though we weren’t sure if it existed. Researchers remain conflicted over whether it’s a decadently optimistic fantasy whilst others say there does appear to be a small, sexually responsive path on the vaginal wall which can trigger orgasm when stimulated.

    My theory is while there might not be a ‘spot’, there are definitely areas on the front vaginal wall that are sensitive when stimulated. (And if you’re wondering why I call some of my vibrators ‘G-spot’ vibes, it’s simply because saying ‘front vaginal wall and prostate stimulator’ is a bit of a mouthful!) Here’s how you can find and stimulate hers.

    The position. It’s on the front vaginal wall, the side closest to her tummy, around 5cm (2 inches) inside the vagina. The area protrudes slightly but only when the glands surrounding the urethral tube have become swollen - which happens when she’s aroused.

    Her position. Get her to lie on her tummy with her legs apart and hips raised on a pillow, or on all fours.

    The search. Curl your fingers up behind her pubic bone, and press into the front vaginal wall, exploring from the pubic bone up towards the cervix.

    The trick. Try using one hand to press down on her lower abdomen while your other hand is inside her. This helps you to feel the swollen, ridged area you’re looking for.

    The technique. When you find it, press firmly - the G-spot responds to pressure rather than soft stroking. The classic ‘G-move’ is for him to insert and curve his fingers, making a ‘come here’ motion over the area. Or try rocking, massaging and making small circles with your fingers. If you want to aim for it during intercourse, get into a position where your penis has a direct target (best: him behind or her on top).

    The giveaway sign. The sign that you’re onto something is if she feels the need to pee. Get her to grit her teeth for a few minutes and see if the feeling passes and pleasure replaces it. Female ejaculation - another subject that causes much controversy - is usually associated with G-spot stimulation.

    The vibrator. The reason why G-spot vibrators are so popular is because they reach further than fingers and are curved at the top to get around the pubic bone. It’s quite awkward and tiring using fingers because, unlike the clitoris, the G-spot likes firm pressure. It’s much easier to hold a toy firmly in place and let the vibration do the work.


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