• Why women will always love rabbits

    Tracey Cox Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

    The rabbit vibrator is still one of the most popular out there - even though there are a myriad of different styles to choose from. So why do women keep going back for more?

    Well, it’s all because…

    Charlotte had one. I remember seeing a huge billboard advertising a new TV show called Sex and the City when I was in Vegas. (Yes, I am really old!) The hype was enormous - and the show exceeded all expectations.

    Not only did we all fall in love with Carrie and the girls, they taught us something new about sex in every episode.

    The episode when Charlotte locks herself in her bedroom and refuses to come out for days on end after buying her first ‘rabbit’ was the tipping point that sent sales of rabbit vibrators soaring.

    They’re a good bet if you can’t decide about the whole penetration thing. The whole point of a rabbit-style vibrator is to provide simultaneous internal and external stimulation. You insert the shaft so it presses against on the G-spot, and position the flickering ‘bunny ears’ so they’re working on the clitoris.

    A lot of women don’t insert the shaft and simply turn it around to use the ears only but still like the option of having a toy that can insert if they fancy it. Even if most women know orgasms originate from the clitoris, doesn’t mean they aren’t fans of being ‘filled up’.

    Plus, rabbits are super strong and lots of women like the phallic shape.

    They’re cute. Rabbits became popular at a time when there wasn’t the enormous variety of sex toys for women to choose from, like there is today. Those that were available were not as pretty (or functional) as the toys out there now.

    If you had to choose between a gigantic, life-like, flesh-coloured dildo with painted on veins or something with little bunny ears, which would you have gone for?

    We’re habitual creatures with sex toys as well as other things in life. If your old vibrator was a rabbit and you loved it, you’ll opt for that style for your next one.

    Orgasms are intense. There’s a lot going on with a rabbit - they vibrate at high speeds, the shaft often rotates, some have pearls that swirl and there’s usually a choice of patterns of vibration. If you do choose to insert it and use the clitoral function, there’s a lot of stimulation happening to different places at the same time! As a result, your orgasm can feel mighty intense.


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