• Hot positions, must-do's and secret tricks for brilliant oral sex

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    Good technique is crucial for long-term sex satisfaction - and being in the right position helps enormously. Here’s my pick of the crucial do’s and don'ts for him and her.


    The must-do's:

    • You need access to his testicles, anus and perineum as well as to be able to grasp the base of the penis and slide the other hand up and over. In other words, you need room. Also, make sure you’re not at an angle where your hand’s going to end up in a weird position and get twisted or cramped.
    • It’s all about height. Use stairs, pillows or pieces of furniture to align his bits with your mouth.

    Hot positions:

    • You lie on your back, head on the pillows. He kneels over you, supporting his weight on the wall behind the bed with his hands.

    • He sits on the side of the bed while you kneel before him.
    • He leans against a wall, you kneel in front of him.
    • You sit on the side of the bed while he stands in front of you.

    Secret tricks:

    • Hold your hand in an 'L' shape on its side and position it between his legs, then push up firmly. This provides strong pressure on the perineum and base of his testicles. It's especially effective as he’s about to orgasm.
    • Put your hand on his lower belly and rub slowly but firmly to stimulate his inner penis.
    • If he enjoys anal play, one easy way to escalate his pleasure is with a butt plug. When performing oral you're well placed to keep a couple of fingers on the base to add gentle movement.


    The must-do's:

    • Make sure you’re comfortable. Put pillows under your forearms if you’re in the traditional position and slip a pillow underneath her bottom to make access easier.
    • Make sure your neck isn’t at a weird angle so you can settle in, and keep your tongue and jaw relaxed so you can last longer.

    Hot positions:

    • She’s on her back, you put her knees over your shoulders.
    • She’s on all fours, you slide underneath (facing in the opposite direction to her) and use pillows to bring you up to the right height or - even better - you lick her from behind (facing the same way).
    • She’s on her back, knees pulled up to her chest.
    • She’s on her side, you’re between her thighs so her top leg is around your neck.
    • She sits on the side of the bed, knees or feet on your shoulders, you kneel between her legs.
    • You lie back on the bed, she straddles you, lowering her genitals onto your face.
    • She stands with her legs apart, leaning back against a wall.

    Secret tricks:

    • Pull up the fleshy part of her mons to expose her clitoris clearly, then make slow circles around the rim with a relaxed tongue. First circle one way, then reverse it.
    • If your tongue gets tired, move your head from side to side and up and down instead or simply hold it still against her and let her wiggle against you. Or tag team your tongue and a bullet vibrator.


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