• The six worst things a guy can do during sex

    Tracey Cox Supersex Pleasure Wand

    Yes, it’s your favourite thing to do. But it really isn’t just a case of putting your penis inside and jiggling it about! It’s hard enough for her to orgasm through penetration without you being guilty of any of the following…

    His top six penetration sins:

    A bad thrusting style. Hammering away like a jackhammer is still up there on the female ‘Pet Male Hates’ list. Swivel your hips and move in circles rather than just thrust in and out.

    Rushing penetration. A few pathetic fumbles to check if she's wet does not make her ready for you to plunge on in. Unless you're both fired up for a quickie, keep that penis away until you've paid some lip service and at least inserted some fingers to check she's lubricated and ready for you.

    Taking too long. Yes there are exceptions and times when you both want it to last six weeks but, as a rule, intercourse that lasts longer than 20 minutes has most women yawning rather than groaning.

    Expecting to come together. Where have you been the last ten years? First up, only 20% of women actually orgasm during penetration (unless you add in some extras like clitoral stimulation). Secondly, the chances of it coinciding with yours are low, not the norm. Don't make her fake it like all your previous partners, instead give her an orgasm first (through oral, your fingers or a vibe), then enjoy yours guilt-free.

    Constantly changing positions. A favourite of men who fancy themselves as 'studs' in the bedroom. You think it's impressive chucking her this way and that, she just thinks, 'tedious try-hard'. And deletes your number the second you're out the door. If you want to change position, move seamlessly to a similar pose, ie side-by-side to rear-entry.

    Getting really drunk. If you can actually manage an erection, it's soft like a pillow rather than hard like a rock and you're so desensitized, it takes you six years to orgasm. If we're drunk too, go for it. If you've been out with the boys and we're already tucked up in bed, do both of us a favour and snore in the spare room.

    And some classic female foibles:

    Lying back and letting him do everything. Share the load and if you can't do that, at least even it with enthusiasm. Thrust your hips up to meet his, squeeze your pelvic muscles tight every time he thrusts, grab his buttocks and put your hands flat behind you on the wall behind the bed to give leverage.

    Skipping your kegels. Doing some 'squeeze and hold' sets of pelvic floor exercises on a regular basis doesn't just make intercourse feel better his end, it'll feel better yours as well. The more toned you are, the easier you'll orgasm and the better it will feel.

    Stressing if he loses his erection. It's not a wind-up toy, you know! It's normal for him to go hard, soft, hard, semi-soft, sort of hard, soft, really hard in the one session. It's no reflection on anything, so park the paranoia.


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    • Larry Lauer: June 11, 2015 04:06
      Hi Tracey. I am a man who was just checkmated in chess by a woman. The "mating" hurt a lot but as she closed in on my king, I felt turned on. My silky nylon running shorts were moist in front. Is this a normal feeling? Thank you. Larry.
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