• Get tighter with kegel balls Part 1

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    Yes, your daily ‘to do’ list is already a mile long. But seriously, adding kegel exercises to your routine is one of the best things you can do for your sex life. Even better, you can do the exercises any time, anywhere because no one can tell what’s happening inside your body.

    The benefits of strong kegels:

    • They prevent incontinence.
    • They’re brilliant to get back muscle tone post pregnancy.
    • They increase sensitivity so you’re more aroused during foreplay.
    • They increase vaginal lubrication.
    • A strong, fit vagina is tighter so grips his penis harder, making sex much more pleasurable for him.
    • The fitter your pelvic floor muscles, the stronger your orgasm and the better sex feels for you.

    Here's the best news of all: they take about 10 minutes a day (max!) and they're simple to do. Men can also do kegel exercises, by the way, to enjoy stronger orgasms, better control and erections. So let's get started.

    Invest in some kegel balls

    You don’t need kegel balls to be able to do the exercises but they do make them much more effective (besides they’re sexy - see below!). There are lots of different types, though if you’re using them more for exercise than titillation, all you need is something simple. My Supersex single silicone toner ball does the trick or the Supersex toner balls (two of them).

    You insert the balls high into the vagina while you do the exercises (below) ensuring you do them correctly. If you are, you’ll feel your pelvic floor muscles squeeze around the ball. If you’re not, you won’t. (You can perform the same test by sitting on the loo and inserting two fingers and squeezing around them, but it’s hard to walk around with fingers up there!).

    The thing is, lots of women think they’re squeezing their pelvic floor muscles but instead are squeezing nearby muscle groups (your thighs, tummy, abdomen). Putting something inside means you can tell you’re on the right track, but I hasten to add that if your muscles are very weak (after you’ve had a baby for instance), you still might not feel anything at all until the muscle tone and strength returns. After two weeks of doing the exercises three times daily, you should feel at least a slight squeezing against the balls or your fingers.

    How to find your PC muscle

    • Sit on the loo and start peeing, then stop peeing mid-flow. The muscles you used to do this are your pelvic floor (pubococcygeus) muscles.
    • Insert a finger or two and squeeze hard until you feel your muscles grip your finger.
    • Relax your thighs, stomach, and bottom cheeks as you do it or those muscles will do the work. The only muscles you should squeeze are in your vagina and anus.

    If you’re using kegel balls

    • Do the exercise above.
    • Put some water-based lube on the opening of the vagina and the balls and gently insert high into the vagina (making sure the cord is outside your body).
    • If you’re putting in more than one, insert them one at a time.
    • Be sure to push them high into the vagina. If they feel uncomfortable, they’re probably not inserted high enough.

    Start sexercising!

    • Imagine you are simultaneously trying to stop doing a poo and wee at the same time. (Sorry but it’s the best way to explain it!). Squeeze hard, as though you’re trying to pull both up inside your body.
    • Hold for three seconds (remember to breathe while doing it, rather than hold your breath), then release. That’s the basic lift and a good starting exercise. Do it at least three times a day and aim for 20 contractions each time.
    • Try doing the same exercise speeded up. Squeeze hard, then do the squeeze-release-squeeze-release motion as fast as you can. Again, add three sets of 20 quick kegels a day to your usual routine.
    • Slow it down. Squeeze and hold for the count of three, then slowly release. Then repeat until you’ve done 20 squeezes, three times daily.
    • Mix it up. Once you’ve got the hang of it, make up your own routines. Fast for 10, slow for six, normal for 10, fast again etc.

    Test your strength

    Give it at least three weeks to a month, then insert a light, slim vibrator and see if you can pull it in and push it out - without moving your hands.

    Sex them up

    The first time a lot of women heard of kegel balls was when Christian Grey pushed them inside Ana. Fifty Shades of Grey might have exaggerated the sensation they create (I’d say a little, some would say a lot) when inserted high into the vagina, but lots of women do find the feeling sexy.

    The benefit is more from the strengthening effect the balls have on your pelvic floor muscles - and walking around with them inserted, definitely helps.

    As you walk around, the balls move, encouraging you to squeeze around them.

    Even if you don’t, the movement triggers unconscious muscle contractions giving you a low-to-no-effort internal workout.

    Other sexy things to try:

    • Get him to spank you while they’re pushed inside.
    • Put lots of lube on the balls for a deliciously slippery sensation.
    • Turn around, bend down and grab your ankles Ana-style and let him insert them for you.
    • Keep them inserted while he gives you oral sex or you have anal sex.
    • Role play Christian and Ana with a tie-up game, inserting the balls as foreplay.

    For more advice on toning up post pregnancy, check out this advice from the archives. Look out for Part 2 of Get tighter with kegel balls at the end of August.


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