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    Latex and sex go together as naturally as bacon and eggs. It’s inexpensive and can take a so-so sex life to scorching hot in seconds!

    Why do people love latex so much? Where do I start?

    First up, it’s shiny and second-skin tight. So tight, people often look ‘naked’ in it, so anyone with an exhibitionistic streak is an instant fan.

    Shiny, tight clothes are also often worn by sex workers, so latex is associated with being (deliciously) slutty.

    It’s restrictive – which makes it perfect for B & D role-play and fantasies. That's one reason why it’s a huge hit with fans of Dominant/submissive sex.

    Some people find the smell of it a turn on and because it’s smooth and shiny, latex lends itself nicely to various role play costumes, taking standard outfits like ‘policewoman’ or ‘French maid’ to a whole different level.

    Finally, if you want to show off your body, every curve of it, latex is the perfect medium: nothing clings to human flesh quite as closely as latex. Which is both a good and bad thing.

    Latex is elastic and restrictive, which means it can hold and mould in a flattering way. But the reflective surface can accentuate lumps and bumps you don’t necessarily want on show. It actually does quite a good job of hiding cellulite but it won’t hide bulges. Which is why you should choose latex carefully, depending on which bits of your body you want to highlight.

    If you've got great legs:

    Latex stockings (above left) can be very flattering. Team with skyscraper heels in the same colour for maximum elongating effect. A catsuit or playsuit (above centre) will also make your legs look fantastic. A latex mini skirt (above right) or mini dress looks great teamed with bare legs and heels or stockings and suspenders.

    If you've got great boobs:

    Latex body harnesses (above left) are perfect for you and a great place to start if you’ve never tried latex because they’re not restrictive. Imagine a one-piece swimsuit made of straps and you’ll get the idea. Make sure the straps are firm rather than too tight so your naked breasts are showcased flatteringly in the open cup. Latex bras, corsets and basques (above centre-left) show off brilliant breasts - even better if you’ve got a small waist. Tight, low-cut mini dresses (above centre-right) look fab with loads of cleavage spilling out provocatively. Tight, right-up-to-the-neck dresses also work to outline a great pair of knockers! Latex gloves (above right) look great on everyone but especially big-breasted girls because they draw attention to the upper torso.

    If you've got a great bum:

    Latex spanking skirts (above left) - with the bottom cut out - are made for you! Latex shorts (above centre-left) will also show off your derriere at its very best! Latex leggings (above centre-right) look great teamed with a corset. Latex crotchless knickers (above right) are another good option.

    If you've got a great tummy:

    Latex mini skirts and pencil skirts (above left) will work well for you. Pencil skirts especially can be very flattering. The rubber flattens lumps and bumps to give you a smooth silhouette. Catsuits (above centre) - all in one numbers - are difficult to get on and off. But once you do, there’s full-body coverage with no hint of cellulite, veins or skin problems. Super sexy but especially if there are curves in all the right places (rather than a large one on your tummy!). Latex dresses (above right) come in all sorts of designs - short, long, themed for role-play - and particularly suit women with flat stomachs. Latex actually works well to flatten out not-so-flat tummies as well, so a well-cut latex dress is a good purchase for all tummy types. Always team with high-as-you-dare heels.

    How to put it on:

    • Remove all sharp jewellery and take care with sharp fingernails.
    • Sprinkle the inside of the garment with cornflour or a product designed specifically for dressing in latex. Pjur Cult Easy Latex Dressing Aid or silicone lubricant both work well.
    • If you want shiny look latex, go for a gel. If you want a matt look, stick with a powder. Put loads of powder on. Don’t worry if you get it all over the outside. Apply it on the inside of the garment to help you slide into it.
    • If you like the effect of dull-looking latex, just dust yourself off with a damp cloth to remove any powder.
    • If you want a shiny look (sexy but can be less flattering) you can buy specialist shiner (usually offered with the dress) or use the same stuff you use to polish your car interior (yes - really!).
    • Spray it all over the dress and gently wipe with a clean rag, leaving a little on it so it’s slightly slippery to the touch.


    • Overstretch it.
    • Wear underwear - even the tiniest G-string shows.
    • Leave it on for more than an hour until you're used to it (it can feel mighty restrictive, not to mention hot!).


    • Start by buying something inexpensive if it's your first time.
    • Have your partner with you to help you get into anything tricky (like a catsuit) first time round - it's easy to get stuck!
    • Make sure it's not tight at the edges (where the dress meets flesh) so it doesn't bulge.
    • Make sure the measurements are 2-3 inches smaller than your own for a good skintight fit.

    For more advice on dressing for intimate encounters, check out this advice from the archives. All products featured available from Lovehoney. For more on tips and advice on latex, see their Fitting Guide for Latex Clothing.


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